Duracell Recharge Ultra | AAA4-900 MAH | Green Rechargeable AAA Batteries with Duralock | Pack of 4 | SKU: 5003449 | Buy Bulk Online

Product Name: AAA4-900MAH

SKU: 5003449

Lasts longer much longer vs ordinary zinc carbon batteries
100 percent checked against Leakage
Operates over a wider range of temperature
Provides suitable power for devices like HP toys, flashlights, etc

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Buy Duracell Recharge Plus 900 MAH- Rechargeable AAA Batteries with Duralock Technology. You can recharge your Duracell Recharge Plus batteries up to 400 times! They are suitable for regularly used devices like a wireless mouse or audio baby phone and are guaranteed to last 3 years when not in use. These powerful batteries work in any NiMH charger and are available in AA or AAA sizes.Long Lasting Power Guaranteed! “Duralock Power Preserve” technology keeps batteries fresh and powered even after 5 years in storage!
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